English Teaching with ICT - 2nd semester


Understand fundamental concepts in the use of technology to learn English inside and outside the foreign
language classroom.
Reflect on their on use of technology as digitally literate students in learning English
Understand the application of general ELT methodology in the use of technology.
Develop methodological technological competencies in technology use.
Understand the changes in how technology has, is and will be used in the teaching and learning of English.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

David Hardisty


Weekly - 1,5 letivas + 0,5 tutorial

Total - Available soon

Teaching language




Bax. Stephen, CALL- past, present and future, in System, Volume 31 Issue 1
Pages 13-28, 2003.
Chapelle, Carol, English language learning and technology : lectures on applied linguistics in the age of
information and communication technology, John Benjamins Pub., 2003
Chapelle, Carol, & Jamieson, Joan, Tips for teaching with CALL : practical approaches to computer-assisted
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Windeatt, Scott, Eastment, Diana, Hardisty, David, The Internet, Oxford: Oxford University Press, E-book
edition, 2013.

Teaching method

Classes will use a general classroom and also a computer room.
Students will be given task-accompanied readings to provide input for the explanation of key concepts in
technology assisted language learning.
Classes will include the use of activities involving muitimedia material, as delivered through mobile phones,
tablets and computers.
Cross-reference to the students´ general methdology courses will be on-going.

Evaluation method

Evaluation: Students will have to write a course paper on the use of a particular use of technology and peerpresent this. They will also take part in a role play discussing a particular aspect of technology and develop a portfolio of practical material on the course´s Faculty e-learning platform.

Subject matter

Students will start by carrying out a detailed questionnaire of their own language learning and use of
technology in this process, to contextualise their use of technology in learning English.
How technology has, is and could be used in learning languages in the future.
In particular:
Computer Assisted Language Learning,
Use of the Internet in Language Learning,
Mobile Language Learning
Use of corpora in language learning.