Methodologies in Modern Literatures and Cultures - 1st semester


- To develop competencies in scientific research allowing the formal production of a PhD thesis;
- To introduce the methodology of advanced scientific research in view of the production of new knowledge;
- To obtain knowledge on Postcolonial Literature;
- To communicate scientifically the results of an advanced research.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Carlos Ceia


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



Not applicable


- Ceia, C. (2012). Normas para Apresentação de Trabalhos Científicos (9ª ed. revista ed.). Lisboa: Presença.
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Teaching method

Practical (40%) and theoretic (60%) classes, using technologies of information and communication, scientifc databases e library resources for social and human sciences research.
In class teaching.

Evaluation method

Assesment: Presentation of a research paper (100%)

Subject matter

- The epistemological questions
- The advanced scientific research
- The practical questions
- Writing the thesis
- The preparation of the public defense


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