Dissertation in Anthropology


1. Acquire both language and methodological and cultural skills enabling students to pursue their
academic performance or start a career.
2. Produce an original research.
3. Formulate a relevant research problem, develop hypotheses and test methods, and synthesize existing
knowledge in science.
4. Organize ideas and present results in a clear and rigorous way.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Teaching language



Conclusion of taught component (1st year)


Bibliografia específica adequada à tese de cada estudante.
Dependent on the nature of each student’s thesis research

Teaching method

The dissertation is supervised by a teacher of the course that follows the guidelines set out in Regulation tutorial cycle in Article 11.

Evaluation method

The evaluation derives from an appreciation of a master thesis or an activity report, elaborated by the students and focused on the research conducted, in a public presentation before a jury.

Subject matter

To be selected according to the students research topics. Specific analytical perspectives will be reviewed as part of the supervision.