Contemporary Images


a) To learn different modes of appropriation of the lens-based image in an artistic context and connected with the annual theme of the seminar;
b) Constructing specific approaches of specific works;
c) Merging within theoretical criticism on the ontology of image in a comparative perspective (photography, cinema, video), with a specialized bibliography, in artistic and non-artistic context;
c) Developing critical competences on lens-based image ontology;
d) Using adequate conceptualization on approaching each subject;
e) Constructing a critical vision about some of the modern and contemporary theories about lens-based image.

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Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

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Baer, Ulrich, \"Spectral Evidence - ThePhotography of Trauma\". Cam./Mass., The MIT Press, 2002.
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Teaching method

Open exposition by the teacher, text discussion under previous assigment
In class teaching.

Evaluation method

Text presentation in class (under inscription): 2
Oral presentation of the essay in class: 5
Written essay: 13

Subject matter

This Seminar will focus in the way lens-based image (photography film, video) invested, since xix century, in representing emotions, spiritual activity, dreams, a whole part of human life considered as «invisible» in empirical terms.
Through historical sources (which deal with representing the invisible) as well as through contemporary theoretical and critical texts on the spread of theses ideas in Art and pop culture, this seminar will promote a critical thinking on image and spectral/phantasmagoric/immaterial imagination. We will focus in particular on the impact of the discovery of X-Rays to the representation of body along the xx century.
Contemporary image ontology which is mainly digital and screen produced and viewed, provoking a sense of de-materialization or spectralization, the importance of dreams and fantasy in contemporary Art, the subjects of inf+dividual and collective trauma, personal and collective memory, will be here analyzed through artworks.