Postgraduate programs in Visual Studies - Photography and (Post)Cinema (only for studens enrolled in 2018/2019)

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Postgraduate programmes


Postgraduate and Specialization Course

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Margarida Medeiros

Opening date

Students enrolled in 2nd semester 2018/2019: September 2019 Will not open for new admissions in 2019/2020



Not offered admission for new students in 2019/2020


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Conditions of admittance

Not offered admission for new students in 2019/2020

Evaluation rules

1) No obligatory precedences for attending the programmes courses. 2) Knowledge evalutation in the courses is individual and takes place at the end of each semester. The following tools will be considered: final oral and/or written assignments, papers or other assessment tools, in conditions to be agreed upon with each lecturer. The result of the evaluation is expressed in a mark from 0 to 20. 3) Approval in a course requires a final grade equal to or above 10.