Inventariação e Conservação de Colecções (not translated) - 2nd semester


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Teaching method

Lessons with expository component (supported by audiovisual resources) and the presentation of case studies and analysis of best practices. Following the seminar format, students participate in the survey and selection of cases through visits to museums and some lectures and discussions with professionals and technicians in the areas of documentation and cataloging of collections in museums.
Presentation of case studies through collaboration of researchers from the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the Faculty of Science and Technology (UNL).

Evaluation method

Evaluation by attendance (minimum 75%) and active participation in seminar sessions, submitting a form reading within the recommended bibliography or other previously proposed and accepted at the workshop and the presentation and discussion of a paper written in the form report or plan or project, reported to the documentation and preservation of an
object or a collection in museological context.

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