Probability and Statistics C


The main goal of this subject is to teach the basics about the statistics and probability. The students will be prepared to easily handle the requirements of a professional activity, concerning probabilities and statistics.

Regarding Probabilities it’s intended that students develop capacities to formulate problems concerning the results of random experiences.

Students should also be able to manipulate statistical techniques, in order to analyze parameters of a population such as Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing. Students should also be able to use linear regression as a first approach to modulation of real data throughout statistics.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Gracinda Rita Diogo Guerreiro


Weekly - 4

Total - 52

Teaching language



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Montgomery, D. C. e Runger, G. C. (2002). Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, John Wiley and Sons.

Ross, Sheldon (1987). Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists. Wiley.

Mood, A. M., Graybill e Boes (1974). Introduction to the Theory of Statistics., McGraw-Hill.

Rohatgi (1976). An Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. Wiley.

Teaching method

Lectures and problem-solving sessions, with wide participation of students.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1. Basic notions of probability.

2. Random variables and their probability distributions.

3. Random vectors.

4. Some important distributions.

5. Central limit theorem.

6. Point estimation.

7. Interval estimation.

8. Hypothesis testing.

9. Simple linear regression.