Building Installations


At the end of this course the student will have acquired knowledge, skills and competencies that allow:

1. Designing and calculate water distribution (supply) and drainage systems;
2. Identify the most common materials in these specialties and apply them to specific cases;
3. Design and calculate water and sewage boosters;
4. Identify the main fire fighting equipment supplied by water.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Cristina Ramos de Freitas, Maria Paulina Santos Forte Faria Rodrigues


Weekly - 10

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



It is advisable frequency in Urban Hydraulics.


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Teaching method

  1. Theoretical and practical classes with projection of transparencies;
  2. Presentations;
  3. Practical examples.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

Standards and Regulations aspects.

Materials used.

Building Installation of Water:

1. Supply Systems
2. Reservoirs for water
3. Water consumption
4. Design of systems and levels of comfort
5. Instantaneous flow rates and flow calculation
6. Dimensional characteristics and drainage networks
7. Verification of the pressure conditions

Building Installations Wastewater:

1. Drains
2. Conception
3. Comfort levels
4. Discharge flow rates and flow calculation
5. Determination of dimensional characteristics and drainage networks

Systems firefighting with water:

1. Characterization of different systems (networks of armed fire, sprinklers networks and water curtains)
2. Determination of dimensional characteristics and drainage networks


1. Elevation for reservoir
2. Pressure elevation with direct pumping
3. Hydropneumatic systems

For more informatio see supporting documents - Acetates.


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