History of Art Technology and Materials I


HTPA is a course distributed in 2 semesters, and therefore named HTPA1 and HTPA2. The course was created by an Art Historian, Pedro Redol, and a Chemist, Maria João Melo, they both having specialized in the field of Conservation and Restoration. To our knowledge this was the first course in Portugal dedicated to Technical Art History, and during its preparation we had as advisor Dr. Adília Alarcão.
The principal aim of this course is to create an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of Work of Art and Artifacts of cultural or historic relevance. The understanding is build up through seminars (4h), workshops (52h) and theoretical lessons (28h). It is a stimulanting and demanding course, due to its interdisciplinary paradigm and, usually, students show an excellent performance, namely in the Workshops. The average expecting working time for the student, without contact with the teacher, is 30-40h of study and 52-60h for the preparation of WS and reports.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria João Seixas de Melo


Weekly - 6

Total - 80

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Teaching method

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Evaluation method

The teaching is based on lectures, seminars (TP, 28h), laboratory sessions and workshops (LS, 52h).

In theoretical classes the CU matters are taught according to its program. In average a student should dedicate 28h working time for study and 52h for the preparation of the WS and reports. During the semester the course is organized in 8-10 lessons of 2h, 2 seminars (8h), sessions in the laboratory of 4h. In the laboratory activities, practical works exemplifying the content of the lectures are held. LS and workshops are assessed trough a short report (delivered no longer than a 1 to 2 weeks after completion of the experiment), contributing to 50% of the final grade (NF).

The evaluation is carried out throughout the semester, with the theoretical component being assessed through a global test or final exam worth 50% of final grade (FG).

Thus FG = 0,50xTP + 0,50xLS.

Note: ERASMUS students may use: English, French, Italian or Spanish

Subject matter

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