Techniques of Experimental Research in Buildings


Provide students with the instruments of analysis that enable them to deal with, characterize and evaluate different materials and constructive solutions, regardless of their nature and depending on the required performance.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Fernando Manuel dos Anjos Henriques, Maria Paulina Santos Forte Faria Rodrigues


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



Some knowledge on building requirements and performance.


Bibliography is diverse, to be adpated to each PhD study. But it is based on recent internacional scientific articles on the experimental characterization of material and construction products, building elements and real buildings. The focus is the equipments and methodology used. 

Teaching method

The language can also be English, based on students preference.

The learning will be based on the most recent knowledge of the national and international community, and compatibilized with uptodate standards (mecanical, higrothermal, acoustics, fire safety and environmental performance). It will be tutorial and with seminars. There is a Final evaluation.

Evaluation method

The final evaluation is obtained by the presentation and discussion of a monography within the syllabus of the curricular unit, whenever possible framed in the Thesis plan of each student.

Subject matter

The curricular program aims to complement the training of students in the specific area of experimental research techniques in buildings. The work plan of each student will meet your profile, being defined jointly by the regent / head of the curricular unit and the scientific advisor of the student. Knowledge on building characterization will be deeply discussed and applied, namely on building elements and construction products that complete building systems.