Geological Engineering

Education objectives


The objectives PhD in Geological Engineering, relates with highly qualified trainee researchers in this scientific field and with the power to conduct and develop research and projects with autonomy in economic and social activity and / or university environment sectors.

The skills to be acquired by doctoral students are:

a) Competence of knowledge and understanding capacity;

a.1) Systematic understanding capacity in the scientific study of Geological Engineering, to enable them to deepen knowledge at the level of 1st and 2nd cycles in its field and gain sustainable basis to develop tasks autonomously in the research context;

a.2) To acquire scientific training and advanced techniques that give them skills and research methods associated with the scientific field of Geological Engineering allowing understand and solve new problems and situations in multidisciplinary contexts;

b) Application of knowledge and understanding Skills;

b.1) Ability to devise, design and implement major research projects in Geographical Engineering, developing management and technical monitoring coordination capabilities autonomously in the center of research in which they operate (Centre for Research in Science and Geological Engineering, CICEGe, or other), other research institutions or companies, respecting the requirements imposed by the academic quality and integrity standards;

c) Competency achievement of judgment / decision making;

c.1) Developing integration capabilities of knowledge in order to be able to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new ideas in complex situations always presenting solutions and proposing implementation of projects taking into account economic and social implications;

d) Communication skills;

e) Self-learning skills.

General characterization

DGES code



PhD (3rd Cycle)



Access to other programs

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José António de Almeida

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It depends on the working method of each training course. The working time for the classes will be agreed with each PhD student, or when there are more than 10 students in each year, it will be agreed with all students of the programme.


Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 3 years

Credits: 180 ECTS

Mandatory scientifc areas

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
Geological Engineering EG 180 -
TOTAL 180 0

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9443 Thesis Project (EG) 30.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
9441 Research and Development of Thesis I (EG) 0.0
9444 Thesis in Geology Engineering 150.0