Actuarial Statistics of Stochastic Processes


Presentation of important and fundamental concepts in the statistics of stochastic processes with applications in the actuarial area.

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Responsible teacher

Pedro José dos Santos Palhinhas Mota


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Total - 20

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Intermediate level notions of Probability and Statistics, Measure Theory and Stochastic Processes.


1 – Lipster, R. S. & Shiryaev A. N. (2001) Statistics of Random Processes second edition, volume I and II, Springer.

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Teaching method

Lecture-lab classes, where together with the explanation of the main concepts,  illustrative examples are given.

Evaluation method

The evaluation of the course is made ​​from one of two ways:

1)      realization of practical problems with a writing report.

2)      realization of written tests.

Subject matter

1. Statistical theory of riskThe counting process; The compound Poisson process;Probability of ruin.

2Statistics of Markov chains.

3Statistics of second order stationary processes.

4Statistics of Diffusions: Parametric and non-parametric Inference for diffusions.

5Quasi-likelihood: martingale estimating functions; simulated estimating functions.

6Statistics of stochastic extremal processes.