Medical Bacteriology


 Recognize the bacterial structure and understand the differences between Gram staining bacteria positive and negative and between anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.

Understand bacterial Physiology and metabolism.
Learn the principles of taxonomic classification of bacteria and its importance.

Be aware of the various mechanisms of transmission of bacterial infections.

Recognize the General characteristics of the various bacterial genera, including their virulence mechanisms.

Learn to describe the epidemiology of bacterial agents and the type of infections that originate.

Acquire knowledge on the laboratory diagnosis of infections caused by bacteria, including enhancing the value of laboratory results.



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Responsible teacher

Miguel Viveiros Bettencourt


Weekly - 8

Total - 48

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As requirements for the frequency of this course, students should have deepened their knowledge of the fundamental principles of Microbiology, General Microbiology, Microbial Genetics and Bacteriology and General Immunity and infection. Thus, it is expected that the fundamentals of General Microbiology and Bacteriology General have already been seized and trained during the frequency of introductory Bibliographies of 1° s cycles in the health and Life Sciences. Now intended to deepen the knowledge about the particular groups of microorganisms that cause infection in man, being subsequently presented the proposed study programme.





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Review articles and books suggested y the Faculty.

Teaching method

Theoretical ant Theoretical-practical lectures; practical laboratory classes and tutorial guidance.

Evaluation method

Theoretical exam of 50 multiple choice questions.

Subject matter

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