Individual Project II


Students are encouraged to search a membranes-based business idea, to be developed and evaluated throughout the course. 

The main objectives of the individual project are:

(i)           Educate students on market research and technology based 

(ii)         develop a clear “problem solving” and “focus on the customer needs” attitude

(iii)         be able to identify and analyze the main parameters of value creation associated with the new technology

(iv)         identify valuable sources of information and research

(v)          keep constantly informed of ongoing news on technology and markets

(vi)         develop writing and presentation skills. 

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Fernanda Antonia Josefa Llussá


Weekly - 5

Total - 40

Teaching language



No requirements.



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During the course additional material may be included.

Teaching method

Class presentation and discussion of themes, student presentations on the work and tutorials.

Evaluation method


Students are encouraged to search a membranes-based business idea, to be developed and evaluated throughout the course. This work and evaluation involves a midterm presentation and a final evaluation. The final evaluation is divided into an oral part, the elevator pitch (5 minutes), and a report, the business plan (15 pages content). They will count toward the grade as follows:

Midterm presentation           20%

Elevator pitch                       30%

Business plan                       50%              

Subject matter


1. Birds eye view on Entrepreneurship and insights on membranes and business ideas

2. Ideation and crafting your idea

3. Intellectual and industrial property

4. Elevator pitch

5. Business plan

(a) Market analysis

(b) Marketing strategy and the mix

(c) Business Model

(d) Team

(e) Financial

(f) Risks and options