Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program


Develop the capacity for research, analysis and selection of a process or technology, initiation of the 
bibliographic study process, choices of information sources, including the identification 
of critical factors in the selection of the chosen process or technology.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Carlos da Silva Barbosa Sotomayor


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



Applied to the last semester of the degree. It works with the curricular unit of Project.


Different from student to student. Specific recommended bibliography for the project 
under development.

Teaching method

Preparation and shearch for bibliography for a scientific research theme.

Evaluation method

Assessment associated with the assessment of the Project course unit.

Approval entails obtaining grade> = 9.5

 There is no possibility to improve the grade already obtained in this course unit.

The assessment does not include any form of written examination

Subject matter

Preparation and study of a research project on a scientific area of Chemistry. The complexity of the project should correspond to the 3rd year modules of the degree. Development of skills for planning and discipline in experimental work, and time management.