Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Processes


Development of skills in the field of stratigraphic records and analysis the identification of fossils. Preparation, understanding and interpretation of stratigraphic columns.
Analysis and interpretation of rock sequences, characterization of their relationship in space and time. Analysis of facies successions and their interpretation in terms of evolution of sedimentary environments. Definition and characterization of units stratigraphy and its application. Understanding and handling of Table of divisions stratigraphy.

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Responsible teacher

Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues Roque Legoinha


Weekly - 3

Total - 51

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Subject matter

Fundamentals of Stratigraphy. Definition and objectives. Historical aspects. Stratigraphic Classification. Dimension "time". Rock systems and time periods. Principles of Stratigraphy.
Discontinuities. Facies. Sequential analysis. Paleogeography. Stratigraphy of events. Lithostratigraphic, chronostratigraphic, biostratigraphic units. Stratotype. Chronostratigraphical and geochronological scales. Paleobiogeographic, Palaeoecology. Methods of physical and geochemical stratigraphy. Correlations. Global syntheses.
Geohistory. Pre-Cambrian. Paleozoic. Caledonic and Hercinian or Variscan Orogenic cycles. Mesozoic. Alpine orogenic cycle. Paleoclimatology. Cenozoic. Continuation of the Alpine orogenic cycle, paroxysmal phases. Paleogeography. Paleoclimatology.
Exercises involving concepts of stratigraphy and lithostratigraphic column design, interpretation.
Field trip, visits to exemplary illustration of outcrops of stratigraphic concepts.


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