Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program


The objective is to offer students their first opportunity to become familiar with the enterprises’ environment, putting emphasis on a combination of knowledge, practice, and pre-employment reflection. As far as possible, students should afford some basic engineering practice. The tasks assigned to students are decided by the hosting enterprise, without incurring any additional cost. This will help FCT students to better understand organisations’ needs (and culture) and allow them to gain new skills and competences.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

António Carlos Bárbara Grilo, Susana Carla Vieira Lino Medina Duarte


Weekly - 1

Total - 6

Teaching language



This Curricular Unit is compulsory for students registered on their 3rd year of MIEGI (Integrated Master on Industrial and Management Engineering).


Not applicable

Teaching method

Teaching approach: through direct supervision on the job; “hands-on”. The student will “learn by doing”.

Evaluation method

Evaluation is based on 2 main elements:

- Report, written by the student (template is provided) and oral presentation.

- Evaluation of performance, by the enterprise (Form is provided)

There are 3 main levels for classifying, as follows:

- Satisfactory - reference grade 13 points (out of 20). Demonstration of required work (mín 80h); presence/assiduity is validated by enterprise (through performance Form). Section #3 of Report is designed to characterize all activities, in which the student was involved.

- Good - reference grade 15 points. Demonstration of “new learning” (Section #4 of Report). Student should clearly identify that he/she acquired new knowledge or skills; identify personal “added value”.

- Very Good - ref. grade 17 points. Needs to give evidence that he/she was able to give a contribution to the enterprise (Section #5 of Report - confirmed in performance Form)

The reference scores (or grades) can be adjusted, depending on additional information on the student''''''''''''''''s performance, which, in any case needs to be confirmed.  

Subject matter

Not applicable. Each hosting enterprise decides the tasks / activities that will be assigned to students during the UPOP period.


Programs where the course is taught: