Computer Aided Design


This course aims to give students the basic knowledge to design domestic electrical installations. Students will develop their work based on current legislation in the areas of electrical installations, supported by AutoCAD software. Lightning project will be addressed with the support of dedicated sotware.

It is also our aim that students acquire knowledge about drawing orthogonal projections of an object, as well as the three-dimensional object reconstruction from orthogonal projections, based on rules of technical drawing, supported by AutoCAD software.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Pereira


Weekly - 4

Total - 60

Teaching language





- Regras Técnicas das Instalações Eléctricas de Baixa Tensão. (Portaria n.o 949-A/2006 de 11 de Setembro)
- Instalações Eléctricas de Baixa Tensão - Projecto, Execução e Exploração. Constantino Soares. CERTIEL.
- Luis Veiga da Cunha, Desenho Técnico, 14º Edição, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
- Arlindo Silva et al, Desenho Técnico Moderno, Lidel
- José Manuel Garcia, Pedro Leão Neto, AutoCad 2002 Depressa & Bem, FCA - Editora, 2002.

Teaching method

The concepts and techniques are explained by the teacher in the classroom.

In practical classes students will test their knowledge by executing practical work supported by computer aided design software.

Evaluation method


- Execution of 7 practical works, in classes/group (WG) - the worst grade will be excluded when calculating the final classification, which should be greater than or equal to 9.5 and is mandatory for obtaining frequency;

- Execution of 2 indivdual works (WI) - the average classification should be greater than or equal to 9.5;

- The final grade is obtained by:

                  NF =  0.5 * WG + 0.5 * WI

The classification in the course is only obtained by doing practical works.

Subject matter

- Introduction to Computer Aided Design applied to Electrical Engineering. Introduction and project standards of electrical installations;

- National legislation and technical rules in the area of electrical installations, and its execution in AutoCAD;

- Lighting project;

- Basic concepts of drawing in electrical engineering. Standards. Paper dimensions in technical drawing. European and American orthogonal Projections. Perspectives. Axonometric, isometric, dimetric, trimetric and exploded perspectives (AutoCAD).


Programs where the course is taught: