Master Thesis in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering


The dissertation allows students to apply the acquired skills, combining them in the development of work of scientific or technological nature. This unit is intended to carry out R&D work and preparation of an original thesis; therefore, the main objective is the successful completion of the Master''s Thesis. This includes developing the capacity to conduct research activity, both supervised by the advisor and in autonomy, applying appropriate research methodologies, and the ability to develop work with a significant degree of originality. The publication of results at conferences and in quality technical journals is strongly encouraged.

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Responsible teacher

Luís Filipe Lourenço Bernardo, Nuno Filipe Silva Veríssimo Paulino


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The student should have approval in Preparação de Dissertação


Sugested by the supervisor

Teaching method

The activities performed within this unit will be undertaken by the student in direct interaction with the supervisor and may include the frequency of specific seminars. Often the work is framed by research projects. During this semester (part-time) students must complement the original research and development work elaborated during the Preparation for Dissertation Unit.. The evaluation is based on the preparation and public defense of the dissertation. In order to increase the visibility of the work the preparation and publication of scientific articles is one of the factors considered during the assessment. The dissertation defense is conducted before a jury of PhD experts, composed of at least three elements

Evaluation method

The dissertation defense is conducted before a jury of PhD experts, composed of at least three elements

Subject matter

In this unit each student must perform its R & D work in accordance with the objectives set out in the dissertation proposal, approved by MEESC Scientific Committee. In general, the work performed by the students may be structured according to the following set of activities: • Realization of the research work. • Validation of results. • Preparation and public defense of the dissertation. The dissemination of results at scientific conferences and in technical journals is encouraged.


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