Drainage and Wastewater Treatment


The objectivo is to supply theoretical basic concepts of dimensioning of wastewater treatment systems. This disciplines, from point of view of its abilities, is directed essentially to study and to dimensioning  and to investigate and to develop a critical vision in terms of the knowledge. It is essentially one formative discipline and in that perspective, the knowledge provided will be integrated in other disciplines such as Water and Wastewater  Treatment Systems and Laboratory of Operations and Processes, as well as basically for the final Project.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Leonor Miranda Monteiro do Amaral, Rita Maurício Rodrigues Rosa


Weekly - 5

Total - 73

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There are no pre-requisites.


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Teaching method

The teaching methods of theoric lessons is based in the exposition of concepts with multimedia supports. The practical lessons are dedicated to the resolution of problems and the application of concepts to drainage and wastewater treatment in order to develop capacities in the resolution itself as well as exercising the students critical sense. It is also provided to the students a visit to WWTP.

Evaluation method

Continuous evaluation through 3 mini-tests throughout the semester.

1st test - 30% final value

2nd test - 30% final value

3rd test - 40% final value

Field trip mandatory.


Subject matter

The wastewater system as a coherent set;

1. System classification in an historical perspective and innovation;

2. Constituent elements of the systems, including elements of the input and output of the networks; hydraulic-sanitary designing of  wastewater networks collectors; emissaries and exutores; pumping systems; basics of storm drainage systems.

3. General design of wastewater treatment systems; design of pre-treatment (grit, oil and fat removal);

4. Design of primary treatment (Settling, Imhoff tank);

5. Design of secondary treatment (activated sludge, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, stabilization ponds, anaerobic digestion).

6. Sludge Treatment