Seminar on Environmental Policy and Innovation


A. Understanding of the general principles of public law; understanding of the principles of environmental law and environmental policy; acknowledgement of the main environment-related regulatory instruments, at national, European and international level.

B. Contact with the major actors of environmental policy.

C. Innovation perspectives on environmental technology and institutions.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Miguel Dias Joanaz de Melo


Weekly - 2

Total - 28

Teaching language



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Environmental Law: national, European and international.

Case studies and jurisprudence.

Teaching method

A combination of different teaching methods is employed: lectures, debates and seminars with invited speakers; development of practical assignments that integrate the course materials.

Evaluation method

Evaluation is based on four items: (i) essay on environmental policy; (25%, individual); (ii) mini-test (25%); (iii) paper on a topic of environmental law and its defence (50%, groups 2-3 students); intervention in the debates. Delays delivering assignments and absence in classes with invited speakers entail penalties in final grade.

Subject matter

Part A: Fundamentals of public law, environmental policy and law:

  1. General principles of Law

  2. Environmental law in Portugal

  3. Environmental law in the EU and international

  4. Environmental liability and environmental NGO

  5. Environmental litigation

  6. Major trends

 Part B: Debate with key environmental policy actors:

 1. Environmental NGO

 2. Business

 3. Legislators

 4. Public administration

Part C: Institutional and technological innovation:

 1. Global governance and institutions

 2. The ecologic conversion

 3. Inventing new institutions and business models


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