Bioinorganic Chemistry


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Responsible teacher

Maria dos Anjos Lopes de Macedo


Weekly - 4

Total - 70

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Teaching method

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Subject matter

  • Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Chemical Reactions stoichiometry
  • Nomenclature and isomerism in coordination complexes
  • Chemical bonding in coordination compounds (HSAB theory)
  • Reactivity in coordination compound; Substitution reaction; Inert and labile compounds; Reactions mechanisms
  • Complexation equilibria; parcial and global stability constants; effect of pH and presence of other ligands
  • Magnetism and color in coordination compounds; Cristal field Theory
  • Oxidation-reduction reactions: Galvanic cell; Balance of redox equilibria; Nernst equation; effect of pH and complex formation; Latimer and Frost diagrams and its application to biological systems
  • Metal centers of proteins and enzymes; role of metal ions in biological systems.


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