Introduction to Experimental Physics


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

André João Maurício Leitão do Valle Wemans


Weekly - 3

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Teaching method

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Evaluation method

The evaluation has 3 components, reports of the experimental studies, questionnaires in moodle and final presentation.

Reports of the experimental work: students make 5 experimental work delivering the report at the end of their laboratory class. The note of this component corresponds to the arithmetic average of the 5 reports Nr.

Questionnaires in moodle: students answer 2 questionnaires in moodle on the subject taught in the lessons of introduction and treatment of experimental data. The questionnaires are open for one week (7 days) and the students answer the questionnaires as many times as they want counting the highest grade. The note of the questionnaires is the arithmetic average of the 2 questionnaires, Nq.

Final presentation: each group makes a presentation about an experiment to be specified by the teacher. The presentation is classified as 0 to 20 corresponding to the note of presentation, Na.

The final grade is calculated by the following expression NF = Nq + 0.2 0.1 Na + 0.7 Nr with partial notes rounded at the decimal. 

It is necessary to be present in 2/3 classes to have approval for the course.

Should a student miss a experimental work he has 0 values in that report.

Subject matter

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