Education objectives

Training of professionals with technical and scientific skills to intervene in industries and services related to production and management of energy from biomass and waste.


  • Ability to assess the possibility of producing energy from biomass and waste in order to contribute to the increased production of energy from renewable sources and to cover the needs of Portugal and other European countries, energy primary; 
  • Ability to intervene in the processes of energy from these resources, seeking to optimize the processes themselves, increasing the efficiency of energy conversion and minimizing the environmental impacts arising from it;
  • Ability to develop projects for the exploitation of forest in order to contribute to reducing forest fire risks and to improve the local economic situation, regional and national levels;
  • Ability to intervene in the processes of standardization and certification of products and production systems and processing of recyclable materials from the standpoint of energy;
  • Contributing to the improvement of technologies for energy recovery from biomass, including co-generation technologies, co-gasification and pyrolysis of materials for joint significant heating value;
  • Ability to assess and manage environmental impacts of production processes and distribution of energy obtained from biomass and waste energy recoverable. 
Career Opportunities

To work in production, quality control and safety in activities related to biomass production and recoverable energy resources in the ranks forestry, agriculture and waste recovery, as well as developing new bio-fuels and on improving existing production processes. Tasks on consultancy, research and development in Universities, Polytechnics and Industry.

General characterization

DGES code



Master (2nd Cycle)



Access to other programs

Access to a 3rd cycle


Maria Margarida Boavida Pontes Gonçalves

Opening date





1063,47 Euros/year or 7000,00 Euros/year (for foreign students).


"Compressed" schedule - two/three days per week

Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 2 years

 Credits: 120 ECTS

 Mandatory scientifc areas

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
Alternative Energies EA 27 -
Biocombustible Production PB 18 -
Residues Valorisation VR 6 -
Biomass Tecnhologies TB 12 -
Geographic Information Systems SIG  6 -
Transferable Skills CC  3  -
Any Scientific Area   QAC  -  6 a)
Alternative Energies / Biocombustible Production / Residues Valorisation / Biomass Tecnhologies / Geographic Information Systems EA / PB / VR / TB / SIG 42 -

a) 6 ECTS in courses chosen by the student on a list approved annually by the Scientific Council of FCT / UNLwhich includes the unity of all scientific areas of FCT / UNL

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

The evaluation is done according the Regulamento de Avaliação de Conhecimentos (Licenciaturas, Mestrados Integrados e Mestrados)(Despacho 34/2012). 

The curricular units (UC) predicted a format of continous assessment, wich will include  a minimum of three evaluation times, distributed along the semesters and that will be concluded till the end of teaching classrooms. The evaluation of UCs of the Insert Period is regulated by a separated decision of the Executive Council of FCT.

Appeal Exam.

The UC Master Dissertation comprises a public discussion with a pannel, according the law.


1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
8456 Mass and Energy Balances of Biomass Production 6.0
8466 Energy and Environment 6.0
7457 Alternative Energy 6.0
8457 Forestry Biomass Production 6.0
8458 Energy Crops Production 6.0
11066 Electives 6.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10380 Entrepreneurship 3.0
10765 Production and Utilisation of Liquid Bio Fuels 6.0
10766 Hydrogen Production and Utilization 6.0
10763 Geographic Information Systems 6.0
10767 Advanced Topics on Energy and Bioenergy I 3.0
10764 Biomass and Wastes Valorisation 6.0
2.º Year
Code Name ECTS
11501 Master Thesis in Bioenergy 42.0
3.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10769 Policy on Renewable Energy 6.0
10768 Energy Production using Biomass 6.0
3.º Semester - Unidade Curricular do Bloco Livre
Code Name ECTS
11066 Electives 6.0