In this discipline will be introduced the concepts and formalisms  and equations of Hemodynamics, framed with examples of applications and the laboratory classes.

It is intended that at the end of the course, students demonstrates the bases for the understanding and application of key models used in Hemodynamics and resulting equations, particularly in the study of cardiac activity and description of cardiovascular system

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Responsible teacher

Valentina Borissovna Vassilenko


Weekly - 3

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1. Lectures Notes on Biomechanics and Hemodynamics  - Valentina Vassilenko, FCT/UNL

2.B.H.Brown, et.al. Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 

3. M.Zamir “The physics of pulsatile flow”, Springer-Verlag, 2000

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6. Biomechanical Systems: Techniques & Applications, Vol. II, Cardiovascular Techniques; Vol. IV, Biofluid Methods in Vascular & Pulmonary Systems 

7. Problems for Biomechanics and Hemodynamics  – Valentina Vassilenko, FCT/UNL
8. Protocols for Laboratory Lessons  – Valentina Vassilenko, FCT/UNL

Teaching method

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Subject matter

1. Introduction to Hemodynamics

Hydrostatic pressure;

Cardiac activity and blood pressure;

Measurement of Blood Pressure

2. Properties of the Fluids. Rheology of Blood

Intrinsic properties of the fluids

Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids;

Rheology of Blood;

Casson’s model;

Fahraeus – Linquist effect.

3. Equations of Fluid Dynamics

Continuity equation;

Conservation of momentum and energy;

Navier- Stokes equation.

4. Models of Blood Circulation

Models of Poiseulle;

Resistive model;

Propagating pulsed flow

Model of Frank

5.Branching tubes


Cube Law.


Laboratory sessions:

1.Blood Pressure Measurements

2.Pulse and Pressure

3.Heart Sounds


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