Cuidar de Coleções


Acquire practical skills in the exercise of Collections Care ( applied preventive conservation) and develop student autonomy in the exercise of preservation activities, framed in the country museological reality and its conservation teams.

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Responsible teacher

Catarina Paula Oliveira de Mattos Villamariz, Maria da Conceição Lopes Casanova


Weekly - 10

Total - 130

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MICHALSKI, S., Agent de détérioration: Les temperatures inadequate. ICC, 2009 .

DAWSON, A. Benchmarks in Collection care for Museums, Archives and Libraries. A Self-assessment checklist. Edição MLA. 2ª Edição, 2011.

SULLIVAN, Brigid, ‘Protecting museum collections in storage’, 2014 
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Other bibliography will be selected according to the field work to be developed in each working place.

Teaching method

Practical application of theoretical knowledge in a real work environment, at cultural Institutions of the DCR network. It may include workshop sessions. 

Evaluation method

50% of the evaluation corresponds to the continuous evaluation of the institution; 50% refers to the final presentation and discussion of the work developed.

Currently the presentation is done on the last day of the intercaler period.

Subject matter

Caring for Collections strategies.
Implementation of a preservation / conservation program.
Assessment of physical condition and documentation.
Safe handling of fragile historical objects.
Intervention limits: hygiene and safe surface cleaning technics.
Safe practices for protection of objects and packaging.
Safe storage principles and its practical application.
Preventive conservation principles and methods.
Environmental monitoring and control.
Budgeting and planning.


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