Diagnosis and Conservation of Stone


At the end of this course the student will have acquired knowledge, skills and competences  to:


  • to identify the problems that affect the exposed stone materials, to characterise and interpret them and to propose solutions for the identified problems,
  • to enable the student to acquire knowledge: i) on the genesis, properties and specificities of the materials under study, ii) on the degradation phenomena and on the driving mechanisms, iii) on the interpretation of the onsite behaviour of each specific material,  on their decay products and the methods of diagnosis.
  • to approach the methods of conservation and restoration, enabling the student to acquire knowledge on the basic procedures of the profession through the study of treatment methods and products as well as the methods used in their study, in the lab and onsite,
  • the information is illustrated with results taken from research studies and from real case-studies.   

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Carlos Manuel Chastre Rodrigues, Nuno Gonçalo Figueiredo de Freitas Leal


Weekly - 5

Total - 70

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