Thesis Project II


To acquire capacities of scientific events organisation

Presentation of research results

Review of the Thesis Plans and adopted methodologies

Presentation of proposals for journal articles and working papers

Participation in Reading Labs

General characterization





Responsible teacher

António Paulo Brandão Moniz de Jesus


Weekly - 6

Total - 138

Teaching language



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  • Hennen, L.; Nierling, L. A Cross-European comparative analysis of barriers and opportunities for establishing technology assessment as a means of policy advice. Karlsruhe: KIT, 2013
  • Krings, B.-J., Brain drain or brain gain? Changes of work in knowledge-based societies. Berlin: edition sigma 2011
  • Armin Grunwald, 2011.Responsible innovation: bringing together technology assessment, applied ethics, and STS research, Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, IET/CESNOVA, vol. 7(7), pages 9-31
  • Antonio Brandao Moniz, 2010. Designing a Technology Assessment post-graduation programme: experiences, limits and needs, IET Working Papers Series 09/2010, IET/CESNOVA
  • Ruud Smits, Rutger van Merkerk, David H. Guston, Daniel Sarewitz, 2008. The role of TA in Systemic Innovation Policy, Innovation Studies Utrecht (ISU) working paper series 08-01, Utrecht University

Teaching method

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Evaluation method

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Subject matter

  • Preparation, organisation and participation in the Winter School of the PhD Programme
  • Development of the elements presented in the thesis plan,
    • revision of the theoretical framework and
    • revision of the proposed methodology
  • Approval of the Thesis Follow-up Commission
  • Seminars on advanced topics of Technology Assessment
  • Follow-up seminars based on the topics of the different thesis
  • Revision of the Thesis Plans
  • Inclusion of preliminary results of the research made
  • Preparation and organisation of the PhD Conference on Technology Assessme


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