Biochemical Engineering II


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Responsible teacher

Maria Ascenção Carvalho Fernandes Miranda Reis, Rui Manuel Freitas Oliveira


Weekly - 4

Total - 98

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Subject matter

Module I – Bioprocess Engineering (duration 6 weeks)

1. High cell density bioprocesses
1.1. Introduction to high cell density bioreactors (types of bioreactors)
1.2. Immobilized cells bioreactors and methods of immobilization
1.3. Internal and external mass transfer resistances; interaction with biological kinetics
1.4 Internal and external thiele modulus and effectiveness factor
1.5. Continuous bioreactors with cellular recycling
1.6. Membrane bioreactors  
2. Bioprocess scale -up/-down
2.1. Methods for equipment scale-up
2.2. Methods for equipment scale-down
2.3. Application examples 

Module II - Animal cells technology (duration 4 weeks)

1. Introduction to methods of animal cell culture
1.1. Types of cultures (Primary, hybridomas, cell lines – BHK, CHO, PerC6, insect cells)
1.2. Methods and culture parameters (culture media, culture systems bioreactors and analytics)
2. Animal cells as a product, tool for production and tool for research and development of biotherapeutics
2.1. Production of recombinant proteins, vaccines and vectors for genic therapy.           
2.2. Cellular therapy (stem cells)
2.3. In vitro models for screening and development of novel biotherapeutics  

Module III – Systems bioengineering (duration 4 weeks)

1. Introduction to systems and synthetic biology
2. Differential equations modeling formalism
      2.1. Properties of dynamical systems
      2.2. Metabolism
      2.3. Gene regulation
      2.4. Signal transduction
3. Constraints based modeling formalism
      3.1. Elementary flux modes
      3.2. Metabolic flux analysis
      3.3. Flux balance analysis