New Healthcare Market


.Understand the actual situation of the health sector in global terms and in the specific case of Portugal;

.Analyses potential evolution path of the health sector in global terms and in the specific case of Portugal;

.Discuss the workings, advantages and disadvantages of the health systems organizations models;

.Knows the modalities and limits of the health sector public financing and its links with the private sector;

.Identifyn innovations tools in health sector key areas and its potencial impact;

.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Public Private Partnership in the health sector;

.Show independence in searching and producing summaries of information on the cconcepts discussed during the course;

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Manuel Ferreira Teixeira


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English




- Figueras,J. and Robinson, Ray,, Health System Performance, Open Unersity Press, 2006;

- Preker, A.and Harding, A., eds, Innovations in Health Services, World Bank, 2005;

- World Health Organization, Health System Financing, 2009;

- Sorenson, Corinna and Kanavos, Panos, The Role of Health Technology Assessment, European Observatory, 2008;



Teaching method

The pedagogical methodology is centered in case study process and in the interaction with the experience of the participants.

Evaluation method

The course evaluation has two tracks: 1) quality of the participation (40%); 2) exam (60%).

Subject matter

.Health concept;

.Particularities of the health market;

.The new market of health;

Organizations models;

.Evolution of the health sector;

.National Health Services in the context of the new health market;

.Public and private relationship in the health systems;

.Health financing models;

.Contratual financing models based in production;

.Contratual financing models based in population;

.Risk based financing models;

.Critical factors in the dynamic of the health financing;

.Innovation in the health sector (clinical and technological);

.Pharmaceutical market and innovation;

.Medical devises market and innovation;

.Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the health sector;

.Modalities, experiences and critical factors in health PPP;