PostGraduate in Data Science for Hospitality & Tourism

Education objectives

Today, Data science allows to develop analytic models that simultaneously promote quality visitation and a better monitoring and management of these spaces, adopting metrics that, instead of just counting the number of visits, objectively evaluate the value created by each tourist who visits us.

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science for Hospitality and Tourism responds to this need for higher education in a fundamental area for the development of the national economy and aims to prepare professionals capable of participating actively in the development and application of analytical models for tourism, combining the various areas involved in tourism with a cross-cutting edge approach to data science to leverage them.

This postgraduate program is aimed at senior managers, public and private technicians, consultants, entrepreneurs and other professionals who wish to acquire analytical skills in data science in the field of tourism, using the most advanced information management technologies, data collection and analysis methodologies.

Applications - academic year 2018-2019
To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae, pay the application fee (€ 51), and submit the application in the end, from October 16th to November 29th, 2018. The selection process is based on the analysis of the applicant's academic and professional curriculum.

General characterization

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To earn the postgraduate program diploma in Data Science for Hospitality & Tourism, students complete 8 course units (a total of 60 ECTS).


Miguel de Castro Neto, Paulo Miguel Rasquinho Ferreira Rita

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Degree pre-requisites

Conditions of admittance

The requirements for the applications are: a degree in a compatible field (complete until September 2018); analysis of the applicants' academic and professional curriculum.

Evaluation rules


1º year - Autumn semester
Code Name ECTS
400115 Data Science II 7.5
400113 Digital Transformation in Hospitality and Tourism 7.5
400116 Project in Hospitality and Tourism Analytics 7.5
400114 Smart Tourism 7.5
1º year - Spring semester
Code Name ECTS
400111 Business Analytics in Tourism 7.5
400112 Data Science I 7.5
400110 Management in Hospitality and Tourism 7.5
200083 Marketing Digital 7.5