Web Technologies and Mobile Apps


OA1 - Understand internet basic concepts
OA2 - Ability to develop web pages with XHTML and CSS
OA3 - Understand dynamic web applications (client and server side)
OA4 - Ability to develop dynamic web pages with Javascript (client side)
OA5 - Ability to develop dynamic web pages with PHP (server side)
OA6 - Ability to develop web applications connected to databases (MySQL)
OA7 - Ability to develop and use webservices
OA8 - Understand mobile applications
OA9 - Ability to design and develop mobile applications

General characterization





Responsible teacher

José Américo Alves Sustelo Rio


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


Minimum grade of 10 at the end of the first season or at the second season exam (see evaluation criteria).


Terre Felke-Morris, 2010, Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML (5th Edition), Addison Wesley; Deitel & Deitel, Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, Prentice Hall, 2008 (Fourth Edition); Marko Gargenta, Learning Android, O'Reilly (2011); 0; 0

Teaching method

The curricular unit is based in theoretical-practical classes, as well as in labs classes. The theoretical-practical classes entail concepts and methodologies presentation and discussion, as well as problem solving demonstrations. The labs classes entail the practical resolution of exercises with support from the teacher.

Evaluation method

1st season: Test 1 (30%) + Test 2 (30%) + Project (25%) + Labs (10%) + Lab attendance (5%)
2nd season: Exam (75%) + Project (25%)

Subject matter

UA1 – Introduction to the world wide web (OA1, OA2)
1. Introduction to the internet
3. CSS
UA2 – Web application development (OA3, OA4, OA5, OA6)
1. Client and server side applications
2. Introduction to Javascript
3. Introduction to PHP
4. Development of web applications connected to databases (MySQL)
UA3 – Web services (OA7)
1. Introduction to web services
2. Development and usage of web services
UA4 – Mobile applications (OA8, OA9)
1. Introduction to mobile applications development
2. Introduction to android
3. Android applications
4. Android applications interface design


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