Marketing Engineering and Analytics


1. Define Marketing Engineering and Analytics and its core building blocks, namely market response models
2. Gain understanding of customers, customer groups and their journey
3. Describe the techniques of customer segmentation, targeting and profiling
4. Understand how companies can succeed in competitive markets via differentiation and positioning of their offers
5. Use techniques to predict new and existing products
6. Know approaches to enhance the new product development process using data and analytics
7. Perform portfolio management and resource allocation
8. Execute pricing optimization and budget planning
9. Manage consumer brand relationships through social media and sentiment engagement
10. Integrate advertising campaigns, email and website management

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Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English




- Lilien, Gary; Arvind Rangaswamy; Arnaud de Bru yn (2017) Marketing Engineering and Analytics (3rd edition). DecisionPro, Pennsylvania, USA.
- SAP (2018) SAP Hybris (Digital M arketing & E-Commerce) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Magdeburg,Germany.

Teaching method


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Subject matter

1. Marketing Engineering and Analytics
2. Assessing Customer Lifetime Value, Contact Management and Customer Journey
3. Segmentation, Targeting and Profile Dashboard
4. Positioning Maps
5. Predictive Models
6. New Product Development and Conjoint Analysis
7. Portfolio Management and Resource Allocation
8. Price Optimization and Budget Planning
9. Social Media and Sentiment Engagement
10. Campaign, Email and Website Management