NOVA National School of Public Health


Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) provides post-graduate teaching and research in health related areas, namely in public health and health policy and management.
Established in 1966, ENSP is a pioneer institution in public health education in Portugal and in Europe. The school was incorporated in NOVA in 1994.
With an experienced and competent faculty, ENSP invests in health promotion and innovation, through a broad network of national and international partnerships. Its goals are:
• To promote a student-oriented teaching/learning process with an integrated, and dynamic vision of health systems and Public Health sciences;
• To promote scientific discovery, knowledge production and innovation practices in Public Health;
• To connect research and teaching with action in Public Health, in order to establish itself as an effective influence in the emerging knowledge society.
Faculty at ENSP cover many different disciplines such as Epidemiology and tatistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Promotion, Health Policy, Management of Healthcare Organizations, Health Economics, Sociology of Health and Health Law.
ENSP receives annually about 180 new students for courses with one or more years duration, including doctorates, masters and specializations. Additionally, about 200 other students attend short courses. Master and PhD theses and other final course dissertations are often published in scientific journals. ENSP students have diverse educational backgrounds, which include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, health technologies, economics, management, law, psychology and others.
The School provides relevant services to the community, including public and private institutions who seek its faculty and researchers to support the resolution of specific problems of health and health care in Portugal. Several professors and graduates occupy important positions in the health system.
In addition to protocols and agreements established with its peers both nationally and internationally for the development of studies and projects in the area of Public Health, ENSP is a member of several important associations in the health field.
The School has its own facilities at Lumiar, with adequate resources for the students to develop their studies and learning experience. Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública also has easy access by various means of transport.

Mobility students

Mobility students 

The National School of Public Health participates in several European programs, namely Erasmus + and Erasmus-Mundus, and hosts several partnerships with international higher education institutions for student mobility through bilateral agreements

Academic authorities

  • Chairman of the School Alexandre Tiedtke Quintanilha
  • Dean Carla Nunes
  • Chair of the Scientific Council Maria Isabel Guedes Loureiro
  • Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee Sílvia da Silva Lopes
  • Secretary Lurdes Pedro

Admission and enrollment

Attending a course at the Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) requires an application and successful acceptance by an admission committee set up for this purpose.

Once this selection phase is over, the names of the successful applicants are published on a public list and they must then proceed with the enrolment.

Practical information


The Library of Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) has two reading rooms with a capacity of 15 users with free access to all publications. It is available to the teaching staff and students, as well as to former ENSP students and to the general public, in accordance with the regulations of its Documentation and Information Centre - CDI.

The Library''''''''s collection consists mainly of around 17,500 volumes (including the so-called grey literature), searchable through its public catalogue, and of around 200 scientific journals in printed form. Users may access books, book chapters or journal articles which do not exist in the Library, by requesting these through a interlibrary loan service available national and internationally. The Library provides access to several full text databases as well as to Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online (b-on) where users can retrieve information from a large number of academic publications, even outside the campus. Users can also benefit from a photocopying service in self-service mode. There is a wireless Internet connection throughout the whole building and it is possible to remotely access all electronic information sources.


Other equipments

Other equipment
Computer Centre

The Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) has a wireless internet system and provides a computer centre to students, with about 30 workstations, all with internet access and printer.

Opening hours:

9.00am - 00.00pm, Monday to Friday

9.00am - 20.00pm, Saturdays

All students are provided with an e-mail address and account, as well as an access password to the several systems used at ENSP.

E-learning Platform

ENSP uses the e-learning platform for teaching and research purposes (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle).

 Analysis and Management Techniques Laboratory (Laboratório de Técnicas de Análise e Gestão)

The ENSP Laboratório de Técnicas de Análise e Gestão (LABTEC), which is currently undergoing implementation, is an important database of techniques, for teaching/learning and research, development and innovation projects.

 Occupational Health Laboratory (Laboratório de Saúde Ocupacional)

The ENSP Laboratório de Saúde Ocupacional is a space dedicated to the development of research projects and the sponsoring of external actions for the community. It also develops clinical assessment techniques in health surveillance, within the context of Occupational health, which can be applied in the teaching-learning process of the Advanced Course in Work Medicine.


Some of the courses taught at ENSP include work placements as part of the study programme.

In these cases, the placements are carried out in institutions (public or private) which have been selected by ENSP and with which it has a formal agreement, specifying the conditions under which theplacements will take place.

Language courses

The Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública does not provide language courses.

However, more information can be obtained by consulting


Food services

The School has a bar and, a nice terrace, with a capacity for 25 people, where pastry products and light meals are served.

Opening hours:

8.30am - 20.30pm, Monday to Friday

Saturdays (when teaching periods take place)

Students may also use the other NOVA catering facilities.

Special needs facilities

The Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública (ENSP) is equipped with infrastructures that allow access to classrooms and public spaces for people with special needs, specifically those physically impaired:

. parking spaces reserved for these users;
. access ramp to the building;
. lift;
. toilets (on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors);
. the classrooms doors, auditoriums and other frequently used rooms are  sufficiently wide to   enable access to wheelchair users.

For more information, please refer to the Accommodation section of this guide.

Student association




School calendar

1º Semester: 2020-09-28 -> 2021-02-20

2º Semester: 2021-02-22 -> 2021-07-17

Examinations - 1º Semester: 2021-02-08 -> 2021-02-23

Examinations - 1º Ano: 2021-09-06 -> 2021-09-18

Examinations - 2º Semester: 2021-07-05 -> 2021-09-20

Férias de Natal - 1º Ano: 2020-12-21 -> 2021-01-02

Férias de Páscoa - 1º Ano: 2021-03-29 -> 2021-04-10

Enrolment in unit - 2º Semester: 2020-10-06 -> 2020-10-12

Enrolment in unit - 1º Semester: 2020-10-06 -> 2020-10-12