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Learning outcomes of the curricular unit

The main goal of this teaching module is to present and discuss with future managers of health care organizations some of the basic concepts about and for the management of health care providing, namely clinical quality.

By the end of the unit, students should be able to:

Know and understand what is Clinical Governance and Evidence Based Clinical Care

Be familiar with fundamental concepts of: standardization of care, risk management, guidelines, clinical audit, clinical output assessment, responsibility and accountability, quality, strategic quality management and leadership in health organizations.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Total - 30

Teaching language



Requirements for frequency

CMGS, CMSP or CEHA student.



Clinical Governance, Improving the Quality of Healthcare for Patients and Service Users, Mary Gottwald and Gail E Landsdown, McGrawHill, 2014

Clinical Governance, A Guide for Implementation for Healthcare Professionals, Rob McSherry e Paddy Pearce, Blackwell, 2010

Clinical Governance in Healthcare Practice, Thoreya Swage, Butterworth- Heinemann, 2004

Advancing Clinical Governance, Myriam Lugon e Jonathan Secker-Walker eds, Royal Society of Medicine Press, 2001

Clinical Risk Modification, Jo Wilson e John Tingle, eds., Butterworth- Heinemann, 1999.

Teaching method

Teaching methodologies (including evaluation)

– Lectures

– Interactive sessions, with working groups and case studies

– Attendance and class participation (20%)

- Discussion of selected papers (30%)

– Final individual evaluation (50%)

Evaluation method

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Subject matter



         Introduction to Clinical Governance

         Clinical Governance in Health Policies

         Planning and Clinical Management

         Clinical Governance Tools

         Leadership in Clinical Governance

         Clinical Quality

         Efectivity and Efficiency (clinical pathways)

         Audit and Evaluation of Clinical Units

         Patient Safety

         Clinical Errors

         Innovation and Technology Assessment

         Clinical Research