Curso Avançado


The Advanced Courses aim to deepen the knowledge acquired in the different scientific areas of the Doctoral Program, including New Therapies, Chronic Inflammation, Populations Health, Nutrition and Chronic Diseases. In each year, courses will be offered in different areas.

Students must acquire advanced knowledge in these scientific areas and understand the frontiers of knowledge in each of them, both theoretically, methodologically and technically. They should also be able to identify the future priorities for the development of each scientific area. Finally, students should acquire critical thinking about the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

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Responsible teacher

Professor Doutor Duarte Custal Ferreira Cabral


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The bibliography will be provided before the beginning of each course and will consist ma inly of recent scientific articles published in high impact journals, as well as textbooks with background information.

Teaching method

The teaching methodologies will include a combination of research seminars, lectures, presentation of scientific articles, as well as presentations of articles and research project proposals done by the students. This will encourage student participation.

Evaluation method

The assessment will focus on class participation and student presentations. There may also be a written exam, which should not be worth more than 50% of the final grade, in which students should apply the knowledge acquired to concrete research situations and interpret experimental data, in addition to testing the fundamental knowledge.

Subject matter

The list of co urses that students have at their disposal will be announced annually and the learning objectives of each course will also be made available, so that students can make an informed choice. The offer will be diversified and cover different approaches of the themes, favoring the most recent advances. To this end, experts on the offered themes and with research experience and recognized merit at national and international level will be invited.


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