Thesis Project


The student must acquire and consolidate skills needed for the planning of the research activity, including autonomy, rigor and critical sense. The basis for the acquisition of these skills are the acquired knowledge and work under other core CUs within the course curriculum. It is intended that students know to apply, critically, the knowledge and skills acquired, the planning of a specific research project that will lead to your Master's thesis. It is also expected that students learn to apply the means and scientific resources available to prepare the work plan of his thesis project.

Students should know and be able to interpret the relevant literature in the scientific area of the project, identifying any gaps in knowledge and know explain how the project developed helps to fill such gaps or does it contribute to the production of new knowledge or new technologies.


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Responsible teacher

José António Henriques de Conde Belo


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Teaching method

The teaching method is based on the student’s individual work, with the tutorial guidance of the master thesis advisor and teaching staff of the UC. The coordinator of the UC should promote two workshops where each student will present and discuss their proposed research project. These workshops should include a model that promotes the participation of all students and to allow adopt contributions to the improvement of the proposed project. The assessment comprises two components: the presentation and design of the proposed thesis to develop (50%) and written proposal of the research project to be developed (50%). It will not be in question the assessment or judgment on the quality of the project proposed by the student’s advisor, but the student’s performance in translating this project in a specific work plan.

Evaluation method

Presentation and design of the proposed discussion to develop (50%); written proposal of the research project to be developed (50%).

Subject matter

The syllabus is based on the individual work of students and aims to ensure they have the necessary follow-up towards the preparation of his master's thesis project.

It is up to the supervisor to set the general theme of the research project to be developed and explain the technical and other resources that can be used in the development of experimental work. It is up to the student to formulate a work plan that has as its starting point the current state of knowledge, may respond to a well-defined scientific question. In its proposal student should consider the selection of appropriate methods and techniques. The supervisor and the student should regularly discuss the progress of the planned activities, experimental approach to adopt, its main limitations and alternative strategies. It should also be anticipated the main results or goals to be achieved and the impact of these results for the advancement of knowledge. These activities will be followed by the UC coordinator, if necessary.



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