This UC aims at framing, in seminars, the research work of each individual student. This individual work constitutes most of the ECTS. Being the process of doctoral research an individual one, the course of research of each student will be followed, in this thesis seminar, in a collective and guided manner, through the presentation of ongoing work and discussion. This UC also will include the presentation of consolidated research by guest speakers, national and foreign, according to the thematic lines defined from concrete investigations of doctoral candidates. One of the purposes of the thesis seminar is to train and prepare students to present a clear, concise, objective and compelling their interim results of research, both written, and oral and visual material. Ethical issues will be emphasized.

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Teaching method

The progress of research leading to the thesis consists of theoretical and empirical work, individual research, based on data collection, individual guidance from the supervisor, discussions in seminars, participation in conferences and other scientific events, and collaboration or integration into research projects from the research units associated with the course.

Evaluation method

In each of these areas there will be a qualitative assessment, recorded annual advice, by their managers or supervisors. At the end of each year´s work, the doctoral candidate must submit a progress report, in line with a publishable scientific paper. This report will be presented at the seminar and submitted to a national or international journal.(100%)

Subject matter

Being an interdisciplinary doctoral course of study, it is impossible to anticipate what the programmatic lines of the seminar which aims to theoretically and methodologically monitor the development of individual doctoral theses. At the beginning of each academic year a schedule of sessions will be organized, biweekly, based on survey on current research, including conferences by visiting scientists as part of the programmes of the research lines and of the ongoing projects, of research centres and institutions both associated with this course of study


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