Archaeology of Conventual Spaces


Using the available written sources and archaeological evidence, the aim is to study the organization of the space as well as material culture and spirituality in the convent and monasterres of Modern Age;
To provide information suitable for reflexion and development of hypothesis and synopsises about the religious houses´ daily activities.
To offer future archaeologists knowledge that will enable them to have the theoretical and technical means to carry out their professional activity in spaces that constitud almost self-sufficient and recurrient specific units in modern age.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Rosa Maria Mendonça Gonçalves Varela Gomes


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

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Côrte-Real, A. (2009) - Mosteiro de Santa Clara de Coimbra, do convento à ruína, da ruína à contemporaneidade. Coimbra: Ed. Direcção Regional de Cultura do Centro.
Covaneiro, J.; Cavaco, S. (2010) - Gostos e Sabores. O caso do Convento das Bernardas (Tavira). Xelb. Silves. 10, p. 635-654.
Gomes, M.V.; Gomes, R.V. (2000) - Escavações arqueológicas no Convento de Santana, em Lisboa - Resultados preliminares. Olisipo. Lisboa. S.II, 27, p. 75-92.
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Pinto, M.M. (2011) - Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Pombeiro-Arqueologia. Felgueiras: Ed. Câmara Municipal de Felgueiras.

Teaching method

Theoretical classes - supported by audiovisual means;
Practical classes - taught through the handling of archaeological artifacts;
Field trips to archaeological excavations, in progress or already completed, in convents and monasterres, as well as to the museums attached to these institutions.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

- Location of convents in urban centres
- Religious orders
- Conventual architecture -archaeologic text and contexts
- Material culture
- Life and death in Convents and monasteries


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