Demography and International Migration


To promote:

a) the understanding about human demographic dynamics;

b) a critical knowledge of concepts and data sources on migration;

c) the awareness of the main global demographic trends, namely migration trends, and discussion on the related challenges. Developing skills to:

d) identify themes and build research questions;

e) transmit synthetic and critical knowledge, written and oral, mobilizing relevant empirical and theoretical information.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria João Casanova de Araújo e Sá Valente Rosa


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language





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Teaching method

Practical classes are included which consist of exercises to apply knowledge, sessions, presentations of works and discussion of selected topics.

Evaluation method

The evaluation will take into account students participation in the sessions(20%), and the presentation of a written work and its discussion in class. The paper shall have 10 pages maximum (letter 12, double space) and must be delivered in a word file.(50%), the result of a written exam(30%)

Subject matter

1. Demographic trends: World; Europe; Portugal.

2. Concepts and Data Sources about International Migrations and Migrants.

3. Migrations: World; Europe; Portugal


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