Contemporary Issues in Journalism


This curricular unit is dedicated to the presentation of the challenges that journalism is facing nowadays. In the end, students should be able to:
• recognize the main characteristics of the new media ecosystem;
• understand the impact of this new ecosystem on the definition of journalism, its routines and its relationship with society;
• understand the main contemporary issues in journalism.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Dora dos Santos Silva


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

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Teaching method

Classes include theoretical lectures, practical analysis of case-studies and collective discussion on contemporary issues in journalism.

Evaluation method

an academic essay on one of the subjects discussed in class(40%), individual work presentation(30%), laboratory work and participation in collective discussion with oral and written contributions (30%)

Subject matter

The new media ecosystem: from \"prosumers\" to fake news.
• Impact of technological, media and cultural convergence on journalism.
• Contemporary issues in journalism: new formats, new models and new possibilities.
• Innovation in media and entrepreneurial journalism: from product to business model.


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