Communication and Social Sciences


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Cristina Mendes da Ponte


Weekly - 2

Total - 280

Teaching language



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− J. Bohman (1996) Public deliberation, Cambridge, Mit Press.
− Honneth (1995) The fragmented world of the social, NY State University, NYPress
− J. Habermas (1992) Facticidad y validez, Madrid, Trotta.
− J. Pissarra Esteves (2003) Espaço público e democracia, Lisboa, Colibri.
− J. Pissarra Esteves (org.) (2008) Comunicação e identidades sociais, Lisboa, Livros Horizonte.

Teaching method

The teaching methodologies must be understood as closely following an explanatory logic, attained both by the teacher’s framing of the syllabus contents as much as by the readings of texts and the discussion of the proposed themes by the students. The involvement of the students in the active interpretation of the texts and concepts, as much as in the research, plays a crucial role in the achievement of the learning outcomes; in order to reach that goal, there is a close tutorial accompaniment by the teacher, also aiming at enabling the student to obtain a critical stance towards the issues considered as central to the curricular unit.

Students make a presentation of his research essays (both the proposal and the research reports); they will be closely tutored by the teacher of the curricular unit.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

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