Argumentation Studies


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

Marcin Lewinski


Weekly - 2

Total - 280

Teaching language



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 Van Eemeren, F., Grootendorst, R., Jackon, S. and Jacobs, S. [1993] Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse. The University Press of Alabama
- Van Eemeren, F., Grootendorst, R., and Henkemans [2002] Argumentation: Analysis, Evaluation, Presentation. Routledge
- Van Eemeren, F. and Grootendorst, R. [2004] A Systematic Theory of Argumentation. Cambridge Univ. Press
- Walton, D. [2006] Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation. Cambridge Univ. Press
- Walton, Reed, C. and Macagno, F. [2008] Argumentation Schemes, Cambridge Univ. Press


Teaching method

The sessions corresponding to points 1 and 2 of the Syllabus are more expository, consisting in lectures given by the teacher and always having at the end a general discussion of the presented material.
The sessions corresponding to paragraph 3 of the syllabus will be of the students initiative and will consist in the presentation and discussion of ´papers´ to rehearse the application of theories and techniques presented to real argumentative contexts (media, political, financial, public health, etc.) chosen by the students.

Evauation: Each student will make an oral examination on points 1 and 2 of the program and will write a paper for point 3, the paper will be presented and discussed in the seminar.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

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