Environmental Policies


a) To understanding the basics of environmental policies;
b) To know the concepts and principles of environmental policies and international organizations Environment;
c) to know the tools of environmental policies at international, Community and European level;
d) To be able to develop scientific and technical capacity to assess the different levels of analysis, the effects of environmental policies;
e) To be able to conduct and develop environmental studies around the major contemporary issues;
f) To know how to report knowledge about environmental policies to different audiences.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Isabel Costa Febrero de Queiroz


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language





Amaro, P.& Bagliolini, M. (1982). Introdução à Protecção Integrada. Lisboa: FAO/DGPPA.

Barrow, C. J. (1999). Environmental Management: Principles and Practice. London:Routledge.

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Mulder, M. B. et al. (2005). Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics and Culture. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Teaching method

Expositive and participative classes

Evaluation method

Reading of thematic texts. Research work based on field work, references and document research resulting from autonomous work (100% evaluation). Oral presentation of the work.(100%)

Subject matter

This course works mainly in tutorial and practical way, aiming that the students can develop knowledge about of environmental policies at different levels of analysis. Related to the content of other courses, it seeks to equally address the major issues of environmental policies (and its incidence in different territories), according to the following syllabus:

1) Concepts and principles of environmental policies.
2) International Environmental Organizations.
3) Instruments for environmental policies.
4) Evaluation of environmental policies.
5) The main issues concerning environmental policies: Air quality and water; Waste; Oceans and coastal areas; Nature conservation; Urban environment; Soils and desertification; Energy; Ozone hole; Climate Change.