Dissertation in Territorial Management - Planning and Territorial Organisation


The aim of this curricular unit resides in undertaking empirical research facing a particular issue or problematic crux, applying the set of theoretical-conceptual and methodological means obtained during the first year of the master course.

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Responsible teacher

Professor a definir - FCSH #1


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Eco, U. (2007). Como se faz uma tese em Ciências Humanas (15ª ed.). Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 240p.
Montello, D. R.& Sutton, P. (2006). An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography. London: Sage Publications, 302p.
Hay, I. (2004). Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography (2ª ed.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 368p.

Bibliografia a indicar em função do tema de dissertação.
Bibliography to be indicated according to the dissertation topic.

Teaching method

The teaching methodology consists of individual tutorial guidance, in which the supervisor follows all the supervised student´s work stages and provides the necessary assistance

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

In articulation with the supervisor, each student shall, starting from an initial work plan, develop the following points:
1. Identify and select an investigation problem
2. Devise the study object in a complex and analytically problematical mode
3. Select and analyse relevant bibliography
4. Elaborate starting questions or work hypotheses
5. Define and apply the adequate research methodologies
6. Analyse the results
7. Write the dissertation


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