1) Advanced knowledge of the problems, methodologies, the philosophical tradition and the bibliography involved in the chosen area of speciality
2) Ability to write scientific papers in which partial results of the research in progress will be reported and published
3) Ability to prepare a progress report (20-40 pp.) including the theme and the argument of the thesis, as well as the draft of its chapters and a detailed plan of its structure
4) Ability to write a PhD dissertation (150-350 pp.) in which the proposed theme shall be approached in an original way and presented according to the rules of the scientific work, evidencing critical reasoning and a high knowledge of the handled subjects.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Professor a definir - FCSH #1


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 5040

Teaching language



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Variável, em função das áreas de especialidade e dos projetos em elaboração.
Bibliography will depend on both the areas of speciality and the projects in progress.

Teaching method

Given the nature of this curricular unit, an individual follow-up work is required, depending on both the student and the kind of dissertation he intends to write.

Evaluation method

Intercalary report; public discussion of the thesis by a jury of experts.(100%)

Subject matter

The program of the curricular unit of PhD thesis aims at supplying the students’ autonomous work with critical support, suggestions on scientific development and, whenever possible, the integration in collective research lines where the own research could be integrated, to benefit from and contribute for it.