Classical Matrices in Portuguese Culture


a) To become more knowledgeable about Classical culture;
b) To read and analyse Portuguese authors, from different periods, identifying the influences of Greco-Roman culture;
c) To establish relations between Portuguese culture and Greco-Roman culture;
d) To make relevant bibliographical research in the field of Literary Studies;
e) To organize bibliographic research in order to prepare a critical reading of a Portuguese literary work;
f) To produce a short essay, in which a Portuguese literary work is analysed in a comparative way.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Leonor Santa Bárbara de Carvalho


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language





Buescu, Mª. Leonor. Aspectos da herança clássica na cultura portuguesa. Lisboa, ICLP, Biblioteca Breve, 1992.
Fernandes, Raul Miguel Rosado. Em Busca das Raízes do Ocidente. Lisboa, Alcalá, 2006 (2 vols.).
Rocha Pereira, Mª. Helena. Temas Clássicos na Poesia Portuguesa. Lisboa, Editorial Verbo, 1972.
Rocha Pereira, Mª. Helena. Novos Temas Clássicos na Poesia Portuguesa. Lisboa, INCM, 1988.

Teaching method

Presentation of the main topics by the lecturer; comparative anlysis and discussion ot texts selected previously.

Evaluation method

The evaluation consits on a essay analysing a text by a Portuguese author. (100%)

Subject matter

1. Classical and Portuguese cultures: influences and exchange of ideas.
2. Poetic \"topoi\".
3. The relevance of myth.
4. Classical tradition.