Thematic Cartography


a) To adquire knowledge on graphic semiotics;
b) To know the methods and how to apply mapping techniques;
c) To address representation problems at different scales;
d) To project and represent maps;
e) To test different forms of representation;
f) To develop critical spirit regarding graphic images.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Nuno Henrique Pires Soares


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language





Béguin, M. & Pumain, D. (2005). La réprésentation des donnés géographiques. Statistique et cartographie. Paris: Armand Colin, pp. 40-68.

Bertin, J. (2005). Sémiologie graphique. Les diagrammes, les réseaux, les cartes (4e ed.). Paris: EHESS.

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Robinson, A-H, (1995). Elements of Cartography (6th ed.). New York: John Wiley and Sons

Teaching method

Teaching method
Expositive and participative classes (50% of teaching time).
The lectures are heavily illustrated with examples of maps.
These images are exhaustively interpreted to identify both their communication value as well as its shortcomings.
Practical classes, group work (50% of teaching time).
It seeks to create a practical working environment that simultaneously promotes the execution and reflection where students can make decisions on the several forms of construction of their maps. They learn by doing.
The practical work consists in preparing several maps, which seek to test multiple graphic solutions. All maps are built using mapping software (ArcGIS).

Evaluation method

Reading a set of texts, which will be assessed through a written test(40%), Set of maps accompanied by implementation report; (60%, includes attendance and participation)(60%)

Subject matter

1) What we can read and see on a map
2) Theoretical and practical principles of cartographic image construction
3) Designing and conducting cartographic practice
4) Everything that a map must have
5) The map as a meaning of scientific research
6) Critical viewing of maps


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