History of Modern Culture and Mentalities


a) To identify the different and most important cultural processes in Modern Europe (15th-18th centuries)
b) To know the main historiographical currents of interpretation of the subjects studied
c) To know the most important bibliography on the issues and to be able to work on coeval documents.
e) To develop the hability of oral and written communication through an adequate vocabulary and concepts specific to Cultural History
f) To acquire the adequate knowledge which enables the student to proceed further and deeper the studies in the area of Cultural History

General characterization





Responsible teacher

António Manuel de Almeida Camões Gouveia


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language



Not aplicable


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2 vols. CHAUNU, Pierre (1984). La civilisation de l'Europe Classique. Paris:
Arthaud. DELUMEAU, Jean (1984). La civilisation de la Renaissance. Paris:
Arthaud. História da vida privada. Do Renascimento ao Século das Luzes
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siècles). Paris: Points. NAUERT (Jr.), Charles G. (1998). Humanism and the
culture of Renaissance Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Teaching method

The classes are both theoretical and practical, consisting of the the exposition, point by point, of the subjects of the Program, with an active participation of the students.
In class teaching.

Evaluation method

Two written individual essays in class(50%)

Subject matter

Aspectos da Modernidade. Cultura e Sociedade na Europa do Renascimento
I - Introdução: a Cultura do Renascimento: uma panorâmica
II - A "Galáxia Gutenberg. Livro e leitura no Renascimento
III -Reformas e sensibilidades religiosas
IV - A mulher no mundo do Renascimento: realidades, ambiguidades


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