French Translation Seminar


This course will focus on the issue of legal translation and has the following specific objectives:
a) to acquire knowledge and skills for the practice of legal translation.
b) to acquire knowledge and skills for critical analysis of legal translation.
c) to acquire knowledge of theoretical perspectives of legal translation.
d) to acquire knowledge of resources for the practice of legal translation.
e) to provide the practice of legal translation as a way to develop skills in translation.
f) to acquire knowledge about the Portuguese and French legal system.
g) to understand the role of legal translator as part of the process of drafting legal documents.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Christina Philomène Léa Marie-José Dechamps


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Total - 336

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BOCQUET, C. (2008). La traduction juridique. Fondements et méthodes. Bruxelles: De Boeck.
CORNU, G. (2000). Linguistique juridique. Paris: Montchrestien, coll. Domat-droit privé.
ECO, U. (2010). Dire presque la même chose. Expériences de traduction. Paris: Le Livre de Poche, coll. Biblio essais.
NORD, C. (2008). La traduction : une activité ciblée. Introduction aux approches fonctionnalistes. Arras: Artois Presses Université.
PRIETO RAMOS, F., BORJA ALBI, A. (2013). Legal Translation in Context: Professional Issues and Prospects. New Trends in Translation Studies Series, vol. 4. Oxford, Bern, New York: Peter Lang.
SIMONNAES, I., KRISTIANSEN, M. (2019). Legal Translation. Current Issues and Challenges in Research, Methods and Applications. Berlin: Frank & Timme.

Teaching method

Lectures and practical classes during which students are asked to review and comment texts previously selected by the teacher. Initially these interventions will be undertaken jointly and then, in small groups or individually. 
In class teaching.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1. Research methodology  in the field of legal translation (French to Portuguese/Portuguese to French).
2. Theory and practice of research in areas related to the paper´s theme.
3. Orientation for the preparation of a research paper on the selected theme.   
4. Research paper.
5. Presentation and discussion of the research papers.  


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